Warfare has been a central theme in Irish history and students will know from traditional sources that Ireland has many battle and siege sites. Ireland has a significant number of urban landscapes which still contain tangible traces of these events. Yet such emblematic sites do not reveal their significance or tell their own story. Much has been lost. Signage and story boards can be the solution though they are cumbersome to change and vulnerable to vandalism. This mobile phone application will illustrate both the existing features and simulate the less obvious historical features in a more flexible and cost effective way. This project will utilise the integrated global positioning system (GPS) in mobile phones, turning the phone into a powerful Satnav which can become a central teaching aid for the purposes of the class room and fieldtrips to historic sites. The use of images and audio visual content relating to major battles and sieges in Ireland’s past will be specific to the geographical location. Most of these historical sites have been transformed beyond recognition. This makes  it difficult for students to identify their actual location and relationship to their hinterlands. For example the walls of Limerick and Galway built since the medieval period, remain only in small sections. This project would make it possible for students to visualise these old cities overlaying the historic on the contemporary cityscape, to imagine their original dimensions and uses, with relevant information on buildings and inhabitants, and the circumstances that brought war into their lives.