There was a requirement for a short countdown and then a
finale with the IUS logo. Sieges bring to mind cannon fire, musket fire and a
battle scene. The sounds of cannon, musket, sword and human shouts and screams
would be needed.

The video

I picket an image of Limerick city from 1633 as the starting
point. The endpoint was always going to be the IUS logo.

The movie would show the image and with battle sounds in the
background, then a bullet hole would appear synchronised with cannon fire.
Three bullet holes appear and then there is a transition to the IUS Logo with
an explosion.

Used free sound sources for battle scene with swords,
explosion and musket sounds.

Found a Wikipedia link for the firing of a 17th
Century cannon

The cannon video was in OGG format. I used freeware ‘ Free
WMA to MP3 Converter’ from KoyoteSoft  to extract the mp3 file from the video.

Used Audacity (open source) audio editor to edit and mix the audio tracks.

Used open source image editor Gimp  to edit the images with a
special brushes that created cannon holes in the image, available for
non-commercial use

I made a series of images with cannon holes in the image of
the city.

Used  free Windows
Live Movie maker to put the images and sounds together and produce  an 11 second video in WMV format.